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Residential Glasses

Top-Quality Residential Glass

If you have a broken window or patio door and you need prompt service, turn to Charles Brown Glass Co. Despite what the "other guys" might tell you, you can get quality glass repair and installation service without spending a fortune. Charles Brown Glass Co. offers all products and services at affordable prices. Call today for a FREE estimate and never worry about hidden fees or charges.
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Get Superior Installation and Replacement Door and Window Glass

Find top-grade patio doors from Arcadia at competitive prices at Charles Brown Glass Co. These doors have been installed in many condominiums throughout the coastal area from single-unit replacements to entire buildings being retrofitted. Some coastal areas now require “impact” resistant patio doors and glazing, which is an option we can provide.

We also offer replacement glass for existing doors and windows. If your door or window frames are in good shape and have only “failed” insulated glass, we can provide you the new glass. If your doors are hard to open or close, do not slide smoothly, or your handle is not latching properly - we can help you.
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Choose Our Energy-Efficient Glasses

Save money and help your mother nature by installing a new window from Charles Brown Glass Co. Our products offer a variety of energy-efficient features such as thermal frames and insulated low E-glazing, which saves you money on heating costs and helps to reduce your home's energy emission.
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Find energy-efficient glasses with features like thermal frames and low E-glazing at Charles Brown Glass Co.
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